Why we recommend Teacher Dashboard by Hapara.

Teacher Dashboard is just what you are looking for!

Teachers see a bird’s-eye view of all their students work regardless of whether they are using Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail and Google+

5 Great Features

  • Everything is neatly organised on on your screen
    See all your students work in their drive folders regardless of whether they have shared the documents with you.  Simply hover over the link to preview their work.

  • Smart copy wizard 
    Ensures that the right students have the right information at the right time.  This feature will cut your administration time in half!

  • Improve online safety: 
    Gain full visibility into student content. See everything that is: 
    1) Not shared with the teacher 
    2) Visible outside the school domain
    3) Shared with a student by external parties

  • Engage families in students’ online learning
    Give parents and carers read-only access to their children’s work in Google Apps, without the hassle of maintaining accounts

  • Manage your digital classroom effectively  
    Keep students on task with remote control.  Remote control allows you to see and manage what students have open in their browsers in real-time.  You can  remotely open and close websites on your students devices from your device!

When used effectively, Google Apps For Education increases student engagement and improves literacy outcomes.  Teacher Dashboard helps makes that achievable.

About me

Mike Reading

Google Apps For Education Specialist

My name is Mike Reading and I am a Google Certified Teacher and Google Certified Trainer.

I can still remember the day that a teacher introduced me to the power of Teacher Dashboard by Hapara.

I was speaking at a conference about the power of Google Apps to increase student engagement but was lamenting the administration nightmare I was having with so many students sharing so many documents with me.  My Drive Dashboard was a mess!

The teacher showed me how Hapara neatly organised all his work, how he could watch his students work in real time regardless of whether or not the students had shared the doc with him.

I was amazed, and instantly knew that I had to tell other teachers about this great tool.  

I am genuinely excited to show you this product because I know it will make a difference in your classroom.

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Testimonials from the Hapara Website...

  • Teacher Dashboard is essential for using Google Apps in the classroom. Everything is right there in one centralized location. I don’t know how we managed without it.

    James Sanders, Innovation Manager KIPP Bay Area Schools 

  • My teachers adore Teacher Dashboard. In a year with tons of huge changes, most teachers have seen this as "low hanging fruit." It was worth their time to learn how to use it because it is so easy to use and so useful. Thanks for a great product.

    Susan Sedro, Intermediate School Educational Technology Coach; Singapore American School

  • Teacher Dashboard eliminates the confusion and massive time drain involved in managing online classroom content.

    Russell Burt, Principal Pt. England School, Auckland

  • At just $4 per student per year, this tool is a must have for every school!  

    Mike Reading, Google Apps For Education Specialist; Teachers Training International

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So how much does it cost?

After the free trial, Teacher Dashboard costs just $4 per student per year.

Here's what you get:
- Training and setup done by a Google Certified Trainer
- Everything done for you
- All the support you need
- Easy monitoring of student work
- School roster synchronisation 
- Parent Portal

You can also get the Remote control add on for just $2 per student

Remote control enable you to monitor your students devices, push notifications and websites to your students and more.

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